About Us

The label "Tantra" is a brainchild of Ratna Jain. Established in 2004, Tantra is an Indian Luxury fashion brand based in Noida, Ghaziabad and New Jersey.

Ratna Jain is a design graduate from SNDT, Mumbai and has studied enviromental design from Minnesota Institute of Design, USA. The label is an extension of Ratna's personal style -bold, effortless and with an inclusion of Indian crafts in a contemporary manner.

Over time, brand has built a strong design foundation through its research and driving concepts from the Indian cultural heritage and has built a very niche clientele. 

Ratna Jain's design process comprises of presenting India's rich craft encapsulated with innovation, while also keeping it extremly relevant to the modern world. Contemporarisation of traditional crafts like tie and dye, bandhani, block printing and hand weaving is a crucial part of the design language for the brand.